Recently-built Paolo boat from 2002 in great shape, named “Play-Mate”.


Hull No: 5300
Sail No: HUN-24
Yacht Dry Weight: 1272,5
Measurment Certificate Date: 08.06.2007

Charter Fee:

pre registration until 31.1.2017: 1200 Euro per Week

registration until 31.3.2017: 1400 Euro per Week

registration until 23.9.2017: 1800 Euro per Week

for the event including all mooring fees, but excluding casco insurance and sails. Deposit: 500 Euro

Price includes wet sanding before the race by HUNJCA before the race. Additional polishing may be done by the charterer with own polishing materials on site, for which machines are provided free of charge.

For any question and booking regarding charter boats contact Gabor MAKAI at or via phone at: +36 30 9970 280