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About Hungary 

Hungary is an EU member, and also part of the Schengen-zone, thus can be accessed by car without any border-control from Austria, Slovenia or Slovakia. Balatonfüred is in the western side of the country, nearest international airports within 1-2 hours driving-range are Budapest, Vienna, Graz and Bratislava. EU rules of customs and transportation apply.

Distance on road 

Hamburg: 1 150 km, Berlin: 860 km, Roma: 1 200 km, Genova: 1 100 km, Malmö: 1 000 km

Local Driving Directions useful reaching the venue

By car the easiest way is to take the main road 71. If you’re coming from Budapest, you can use the motorway M7 (until the exit by the kilometer-sign 90, towards Balatonfüred). The distance from Budapest to Balatonfüred is 130 kms. Please note, that on all motorways (M1-M7) you have to buy a vignette sold at petrol stations.

There is a fast growing highway network in Hungary (1,480 km in total). Each highway starts at Budapest. These are the most useful motorways:

M1 – connection to Győr, Austria and Slovakia (west)

M3/M30/M35 – connection towards Ukrain

M5 – connection to Serbia, via Kecskemét and Szeged (south-east)

M6/M60 – Connection to Dunaújváros and Pécs (south)

M7/M70 – connection to Lake Balaton, from Croatia and Slovenia (south-west)

By plane: the closest international airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, which operates flights to most European destinations.

You need to take a bus from the airport to Déli pályaudvar (Railway Station) and take the train to Balatonfured (about 2 hours)


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