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Overview, history
Port facilities
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Address: 8230 Balatonfüred, Zákonyi Ferenc street 2. HUNGARY

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Overview, history:

Lake Balaton

The largest sweet-water lake in Central-Europe with more than 6,000 sailing boats, and 10,000 frequent sailors of 120 clubs. The sailing season stretches from April to October, during which at each weekend a wide range of regattas are organised. Key events are national championships and One Design Trophies, but the ultimate prize for a local sailor is the Blue Ribbon round-the-lake race held every year mid-June.

Town of Balatonfüred

Often referred as the ‘Capital of Lake Balaton’ Balatonfüred serves as the centre of culture and tourism in the region. Frequented by the XVIIIth and early XXth century aristocracy for its location, climate and healing water spas, the Balatonfüred of today is built around a classical architecture city core. Tourist in numbers almost doubling the number of the 14,000 permanent residents swarm Balatonfüred every summer to enjoy the lake and to participate the various cultural and sport events.

Balatonfüred Yacht Club

Founded in 1867, the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club (BYC) was the first sailing club in Hungary, also one of the oldest sailing clubs in Europe and continues to be the most successful and prestigious sailing club in Hungary. Located right in the centre of Balatonfüred it functions as an integral part and continuation of the unique classical-style Tagore-promenade along the waterfront of Lake Balaton. The club plays a key role in the youth development and talent management, and disposes over and internationally experienced professional staff.

Recent significant events organised at BYC

o        420 / 470 Junior European Championship 2016
o        Laser European Cup 2011,2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015
o        Laser 4.7 Worlds 2013
o        Formula 18 Worlds 2011
o        Cadet European Cup 2011, Cadet Worlds 2006
o        Finn Junior Worlds 2009
o        Asso 99 European Cup 2009
o        J24 Europeans 2008
o        Soiling Europeans 2006, Soling Master Worlds 2005, Soling Worlds 2003
o        Finn Master’s Worlds 2006
o        470 European Championship 2004

Port Facilites






Boat Landing Area and Facilities

The site of the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club provides excellent launching and landing facilities for keelboats. One fixed crane in the harbour and the possibility of more other mobile or immediately nearby cranes the fleet of the J/24 Europeans will be hauled in/out speedily. App. 700 sqm. grass and the 1,300 sqm. concrete surface area is available for storage and general use. The 550 m3 topped hangar can be the site for the social events, opening and closing ceremonies. A lock up store with electric light and electric power is available.

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Local Facilities

A size of 150 m2 multifunctional room with a 50m2 terrace is available with high speed internet facilities, projector, digital board, microphone, etc. for regatta office, a room for the Jury and Doctor is also available within one building. Separate changing rooms for girls and boys with their own showers and toilets, and extra shower and refreshments are also reachable. A nice buffet with water side and a newly established gym can also be found on site.

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Wind & Weather Conditions

Lake Balaton is the largest sweet-water lake in Central Europe situated in the middle of the Hungarian Trans-Danube territory in the western part of the country. The 77-km-length and the 14-km-width form a 600-squarekilometre-water surface. Tihany-peninsula divides the lake in two parts, forming there a strait, – with about 1 km to sail it across – where you can find the deepest point of it, with 11 metres. This spot is known as the ’Tihany Well’ and it is caused by the periodical stream of the longitudinal movement of the water due to the E-W or W-E winds. The main axis of the lake lies approximately SW-NE.

The water deepness varies between 0.5 and 5 meters, the smaller one on the Southern shore, and it becomes 2 meters after a 600-1000 m distance. At the hilly Northern shore the deepness starts with about 1.5 and reaches the above mentioned 5 meters relatively soon.

The wave pattern is very special. The short and relatively high waves are very rough when it blows. The wavelength is 3-4 meters, occasionally 6 meters but only in strong wind. The height of the waves is usually 1 meter but in strong wind it may reach 1.5 meters and the crests fall through. In very rare circumstances, over a wind speed 80 km/hour, the wave crests are taken away and the water starts to form a dusting steam which is very dangerous.

During the time of the planned 2017 Europeans wind conditions are expected to be dominated by local easterly winds.


Accommodation Facilities

Balatonfüred is a major tourist destination. A variety of accommodation is available within walking distance and within a large price range: large camping site within 1 km, plenty of small and large hotels from 1 to 4 star range, private accommodations in large numbers. Offers will be indicated on the web site of the regatta.

A range of accommodation options are available for your stay at the European Championship.

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